Motorola Gearing Up, Getting Creative


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Most of the excitement about upcoming Android phones seem to be centered around the Motorola Morrison and Motorola Sholes, and although Motorola hasn’t announced anything product wise, they are certainly on the attack on many levels.

The most recent level is a creative one that we thought would be fun to share. On the Moto Dev Blog, Motorola is reaching out to developers and non-developers to create their own custom Android Robot. They provided a few examples that include:

An Android with headphones:


An Android reading a book:


And an Android riding a motorcycle… or should we call it a MotoCycle?


Unlike this last example Motorola provided, they are asking that you DO NOT include any Motorola logos or proprietary trademarked stuff like cell phone images. There isn’t a contest or anything, but they’re asking anyone who wants to try their hand to post them on the MotoDev Facebook Page.

This may seem like a small and stupid post that means nothing, but its obviously a sign of much bigger things to come. Motorola is just starting to build some momentum with the Android buzz and they want to keep the ball rolling. In a few months, they could be watching a snowballing meteor of mobile success…

[Via MotoDev Blog]


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