Mobile Defense is Like Lo Jack for Your Android Phone


I just installed and was experimenting with the new Mobile Defense application by Neevo, and this thing is like Lo Jack for your Phone!  Once installed you can track your phone to within feet of its location and then set off an alarm on the phone which is basically a siren at the phones max volume. You can also lock the phone from the website. According to their website you can also backup and restore your phone but you can find in the FAQ section that they are re-engineering these things and hope to have them back online soon. The only draw back that I saw is that they like the other apps in this category all send an SMS message to the phone in order to connect to it each time. This would be alright if you were just trying to locate your phone, like if you left it in a taxi or something. But if someone stole your phone this would tip them off as the message comes from noreply at The thief could at this point just wipe your phone back to factory default and you will never see it again.

To try this app out you need to download it from the Android Market and then signup from within the application. You can then go to the website and connect your phone.


“Mobile Defense was developed in response to the ever-growing need for security and privacy protection on mobile devices. As an industry leader in both personal and enterprise mobile security, we have developed the world’s most advanced solution to safeguard your phone. Once installed Mobile Defense allows you to remotely locate, lock, backup, wipe, and more!”

Here’s a video I found on YouTube

Article Source: Google Android Blog

By: Daryll Bennett


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