That Sprint HTC Hero Just Got Sweeter


As if Sprint customers weren’t already happy enough to have an Android headed their way with the Sprint HTC Hero, today Sprint just announced a service plan that they teased as “revolutionary”. I might not go that far myself… but it kicks butt indeed.

The bottom line: your “Everything Plan” just got a little more of Everything. For $69.99 you’ll get unlimited calls to ANY carrier along with unlimited data, SMS, MMS, GPS nav, Sprint TV, etc… it’s called “Any Mobile, Anytime” (AMA). If you’ve currently got “Everything Data” your plan will automatically transitioned over to the new sweet deal.

This went from rumor to Official in record time. Last night I got a tip from a reader who sent in the following online conversation with a Sprint rep – important parts highlighted in red:


First of all, completely hilarious how he informed the rep about the HTC Hero launch date. The entire conversation is pretty amusing – definitely worth the read. When I went through this I thought it was interesting… but its from an online chat representative and let’s face it, they didn’t even know when the Sprint HTC Hero launched!

But shortly after we got another tip (BGR) informing us of an EMail Sprint sent out concerning some “wireless revolution” they would announce the following day. The lingo referred to service plans and suddenly that initial tip had a whole lot more substance:


But the impatient bunch that we are, tech media couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Within a few more hours, rumored details of the upcoming announcement were leaked by TechVi:

An anonymous tipster tells TechVi Sprint will be launching a calling plan which will allow customers to call any other cell phone from any other carrier for free. Any Sprint customer on the base $70 / month plan, which includes unlimited data, text and MMS messages, and 450 minutes, will be able to call any other cell phone on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T without using plan minutes.

Callers have one caveat, according to our source, if roaming on another network, such as Verizon’s network when no Sprint coverage is available, they’ll end up using plan minutes. However, when in any Sprint coverage area, all cell-to-cell calls will be free of charge.

Sheesh. Sprint was SO close to keeping and delivering that secret and it all unraveled in an instant! The rumor factory was pumping at full capacity and they gave it a much needed rest by Officially announcing “Any Mobile, Anytime” as promised:


And there you have it. Sprint announces an awesome service plan to improve their already pretty awesome service plans. Now the question is… will Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile respond?

[Via Sprint, IntoMobile]


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