Cyanogen vs Google, Android Community In Chaos


The Android Community is in a shear uproar over Google’s Cease and Desist Letter to Cyanogen.  If you haven’t heard here’s a quick run down of what’s going on.  On Friday September 25th Google sent the developer that has been releasing the awesome Cyanogen ROM a Cease and Desist Letter.

The XDA-Developers immediately responded with a poll “Should Google leave Cyanogen alone?” With an overwhelming response.

  • Yes (97.58% with 1,091 votes)
  • No (1.61% with 18 votes)

They added a “Wait and see” option at the very end of the poll but it wasn’t a fair gauge, so I threw it out, because it only made up 0.81% of the total votes(9 votes).

This hilarious Hitler Video was then released on YouTube.


Google then responded with a note on the Android developer community website basically saying that they approve of Android MODs but disapprove of the use of Google proprietary applications; Google Search, Google Maps, Google Voice, YouTube, etc. being distributed with the MODs or alternate Android builds.


Google’s own developers aren’t really happy with Google’s brash orders. One made a comment on twitter “To my Apple, Microsoft and Palm buddies: are you hiring to work on mobile stuff?”

Even with all this said and done the community does still realize that in the end we can continue to MOD the Android platform and enjoy the benefits from it. We just can’t go around distributing code that wasn’t meant to be Open Source. Google even says in their post that “we created Android because the industry needed an injection of openness. Today, we’re thrilled to see all the enthusiasm that developers, users, and others in the mobile industry have shown toward Android.”.  I for one definitely do not think anything is over for Android Mod’ers in general. Even Google said in their letter “We always love seeing novel uses of Android, including custom Android builds from developers who see a need. I look forward to seeing what comes next!” So as long as people do not includes Google’s proprietary apps in their distributions everything should be just fine. There are already replacements to some of these apps and people from the Android community are already asking where they can help to make the rest of the necessary applications to make complete shipping distributions.


Originally Cyanogen said “Yep, it’s over.”, but today release a statement that Cyanogen will continue.  He is going to release the next version as a bare bones version without Google Apps. He also says that he is going to be working on a backup tool which will allow you to backup the applications that shipped with your phone and then reinstall them. Cyanogen released this statement today on his website “The current state..” Please support Cyanogen and his cause by going to his website and click on the Donate button.

Things are getting very interesting in the Android community right now and I am sure we will all see everything work out for the best. The real programmers will prevail with better ROMs and the warez kiddies will trade their appz underground, like on the torrent networks.

Stay tuned for more updates that are sure to come…

by Daryll Bennett

[via GoogleAndroidBlog]

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