Cyanogen Continues Recoding To Meet Open Source Compliance


Cyanogen continues hacking away at the code to make a new ROM that is 100% Open Source. Cyanogen has got to be the most professional hacker I have ever seen. He’s keeping everyone up to date and is taking this whole thing like a champ!

This was posted on his site a little while ago:

“Just a quick update..

I’ve been working on getting my source trees on Github in shape so that anyone can build a basic CyanogenMod system. Some small parts still need added but things are looking good there.

I’m also continuing to examine the backup/restore option for the proprietary bits necessary to operate your device, so I can simply ship open-source code only. I believe this is well within the license and the spirit of the ADP1 and ION devices.

A lot of people are helping to work many of these issues out, notably the guys from Google (Dan and JBQ) who manage the open-source project. Some great discussion and initiatives are happening like the Open Android Alliance and the Replicant projects. As much as it sucks to be sort of the “fall guy” for this, I can take it. Let’s fix the problems and move on.

Expect more from me by the weekend!”

Cyanogen Website

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Support Cyanogen and keep the MODing alive by going to his site and click on the donate button!

[via GoogleAndroidBlog]

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