Motorola not too happy about the Blur running on the HTC G1


This was on Android and Me:

“Apparently a hacker was able to obtain a leaked copy of a Cliq rom (which includes MotoBlur) and he ported it to the HTC G1. We saw how Google reacted to developers distributing their Android apps, so I can only imagine how Motorola feels about someone releasing their software for another manufacturer’s handset.”

Then at Moto Dev:

Anonymous person at Moto Dev event showed a moto Exec the G1 with Blur and this is what happened: looked at the screen, said “I don’t want to see that” in a nasty tone, I asked “why? is that bad?” She said yes, blew me off and walked away”

On Twitter:
@androidandme Haha just found out that Motorola doesn’t want any press at Motodev. We were escorted out.

@csewell08 @androidandme don’t worry I’m probably next, they don’t seem to like that I have blur on my g1

Button down the hatches guys! Motorola is pissed about the leak…They are looking into how it was released and who leaked it!

Check Out This YouTube Video of a G1 running Blur

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