CTIA 2009: Android Has Officially Arrived

Source: http://ping.fm/38j8c

If anyone doubted that Android would succeed, the news coming out of the CTIA wireless trade show this week in San Diego should put those fears to rest. Samsung alone revealed two new Android handsets, and it isn’t alone. A handful of phone makers announced this week that they are banking on Android to take them into the future.

This week, Samsung announced the Behold II and the Moment. Both devices run Google’s Android operating system. Sprint and HTC announced the Hero Android phone just a few short weeks ago. By the time the holidays hit, Sprint will have three Android devices on the shelves.

Motorola was talking up the CLIQ to anyone who would listen. In fact, it hosted an Android-focused developer summit the day before the show kicked off. At the Motorola booth, show-goers can get their picture taken with an Android, get an Android t-shirt, or even an Android tattoo. Motorola is all about Android.

For its part, HTC was sure to mention a special edition of its myTouch 3G Android phone, incorporating slightly modified hardware and a new Fender-inspired look.

These companies aren’t the only ones.

Kyocera revealed this week that it plans to introduce an Android handset into the North American market some time in 2010. PCD also said that it will be bringing Android devices, including netbooks and smartphones, to market.

Dell and AT&T appear to be teaming up on an Android device, though details are a bit sparse on that one.

With LG and other manufacturers already committed to Android, it’s clear that Google’s mobile operating platform is here to stay.

Let the Android army march on.

By Eric Zeman

[via InformationWeek]





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