Archos 5 Tablet with Android Now Available From Amazon


After a streak of Wi-Fi portable media players this season, including the Sony X-Series Walkman, iPod Touch, and Zune HD, the Android-based Archos 5 Internet tablet is probably the last major portable media player we’ll see before the year’s end. It would make for a cute read if I said they’ve saved the best for last, but after a few days with the Archos 5, I’m still not exactly sure where it ranks among its peers.

Fortunately, now that Amazon has officially put the Archos 5 up for sale, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering an Archos 5 right now and making up your own mind about its relative worth. With any luck, we’ll have our full review up next week. To tide you over until then, check out our First Look video, photo gallery, and some unboxing action from this week’s MP3 Insider video podcast.

by Donald Bell

[via cnet]



Archos 5 Tablet with Android now available from Amazon

pic from SlipperyBrick


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