Walmart to Cut G1 Price to $48.88 and myTouch 3G Price to $98.88



Looking to get a T-Mobile phone a little bit cheaper than everyone else? Well then, Walmart is your answer. If you can’t stand the T-Mobile prices then head over to Walmart for discounted prices on the MyTouch 3G, G1, Samsung Highlight, and Blackberry 8120 (frost, white, and black). New customers willing to sign a two year-contract can pick up a MyTouch 3G for $98.88 and a G1 for $48.88. Samsung Highlight for $18.88 (which is also eligible for a FlexPay plan), and the Blackberry 8120 for $28.88 (frost, white, and black) which is also eligible for Flexpay–but unlimited messaging is required for this device. Well there you have it! Head over to your nearest Walmart store or shop online to take advantage of these offers!


Responses to “Walmart Price Drops”

JBLmobileG1 says:

I myself work at WalMart and I must say we offer some great prices on these phones compaired to the Tmobile corp. Stores. I couldnt’t believe it when the G1 dropped to $48.88 when I paid almost $180 with an upgrade at launch throught tmobiles website. And before anyone says they are refurbs or there is a catch… they are NEW and there really isn’t any catch. All you need to do is sign up with a new 2yr. Contract or renew your contract if your eligable (you need to be out of your contract). Also the minimum data is re quired on the G1 or mytouch which is $24.99 a month. As for the blackberry you need either the unlimited text plan and/OR the data plan in order to get it at the $28.88 price which only makes sence because to even enjoy the phone you’d want at least one of the two required options. Other than that…. they are Great deals which cannot be beat. The G1 is an Awesome phone and although it has some flaws (all phones do) its worth every penny. As for the Mytouch… again its an Awesome deal and an Awesome phone (Andoid is Great) and its $100 less than Tmobile. Blackberrys for $30 can’t be touched either…. I have owned a BB in the past and it is a pretty nice phone with a good solid OS. Choices choices choices…. all great deals at Great Walmart prices.


[via TmoNews]



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