New Barnes and Noble e-reader might run Google Android


It appears that Barnes and Nobles new e-reader might run Android.

Could this be it? Could this really be the e-reader that changes everything?

Sure, Sony put out a few new models, the iRex e-reader, and Plastic Logic’s exclusive e-reader for Barnes and Noble haven’t come out yet, and Amazon still dominates with the Kindle series (although, recent news really should change that), but this one really could be it.

If the operating system on it is not just a silly rumor and really is the real deal.

You may have heard news floating around today that Barnes and Noble is probably going to be putting out their own e-reader possibly as soon as next month, or so the Wall Street Journal claims. Apparently it will come with a 6 inch E-ink screen along with a touch-screen design and a virtual keyboard which is nifty, and it will have wireless connectivity to Barnes and Noble’s online store.

Now, however, Gizmodo is reporting that it might be coming equipped with the Google Android operating system, and their source seems to be a very credible one.

Well, that should be music to e-book lover’s ears.

Apps? Books?

That certainly has a nice ring to it and along with the sleek Android OS; it could make for a great experience. This certainly would be something to get excited about after so much disappointment in the e-reader world lately.

What do you think? Match made in heaven?

Might just be.

by Adam Mills

[via examiner]


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