Androidascious CTIA Android Announcements Update and Round-Up





adnroidwithmuscles.jpgWhen people Google this year’s CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, what willl be their key word?  Now let’s see it begins with an “A” and it ain’t “Apple.”  The Android blizzard is blitzing the seaside panoramic view around the Sand Diego Convention Center.

The Androidosity was so great at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, Android, himself was working the Motorola booth and attendees could pose for a photo with Android. Android was promoting MotoDev Android app partners as well as the MOTO CLIQ Android phone.

Supplying more Android momentum was the Samsung Moment coming from Sprint. Android was ever where at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, during the WIP Jam session there was strong agreement among developers that they will be developing more Android apps in the future.

The most Androidacious announcement was the alliance between Google and the largest US carrier Verizon. It’s suspected that their first Android smartphone will be something akin to the HTC Hero.

Kyocera also announced at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment, it plans to make Android smartphones with release dates in 2010.  Kyocera is also targeting 2011 for the release of a dual-mode CDMA/LTE device. Kyocera will use Android and other operating systems as platforms for its future LTE products.

The weekend before the all the Androiding began, T-Mobile began pushing out the Donut version of Android 1.6.

[via Wireless And Mobile News]

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