HTC Dragon Caught in Wild? New HTC Android Device Spotted


We’ve mentioned the HTC Dragon a few times over the past week or so, with the rumored 1GHz Snapdragon-based Android smartphone – aka the Android HD2 – seemingly promising to answer any complaints users had about HTC smartphone performance.  However, we’ve been yet to actually see the device in action; that may have changed today, with The Unlockr being sent some live photos of a mysterious, unnamed Android handset that could very well be the HTC Dragon.

htc dragon live mystery android smartphone 3 375x500

The handset is certainly an HTC, and has the usual Android keys along the bottom of the display – this time touch sensitive – together with a trackball precariously placed at the very bottom.  Around the back there’s a camera lens and what looks to be an LED flash; judging by the scale of the lens to the rest of the phone, it looks highly likely that the device has particularly large display.  Time will tell whether that display is the same 4.3-inch capacitive panel as on the HD2.

The 3G logo in the status bar would seem to confirm a GSM device, too, and the different unlock mechanism – so far HTC Android devices have used a slide-to-unlock system – suggests either tweaks to HTC Sense or Android 2.0.  The “touch the Android” system here doesn’t match up with the Android 2.0 unlock bar seen in the leaked preview screenshots.


By Chris Davies

[via Slash Gear]



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