Why Sony Ericsson is embracing Android

Source: http://ping.fm/pcCFA

Sony Ericsson’s new phones mark a shift in direction, and operating system. The man in charge tells us why the company has gone Google

For Sony Ericsson, Google’s Android operating system holds much promise within the context of our multi-platform strategy.

Our commitment to the Open Handset Alliance stems from a vision of the Google Android OS as an environment that enables developers to create rich user experiences with some of latest technologies available on the Internet. The Xperia X10 is the first of a family of products, some of which will use this technology.

Google Android’s key benefit stems from the fact that it is a web-centric, rather than a Telco-centric platform.

The approach towards working with open source, rather than proprietary technologies also suggests a certain way of thinking – one that maximises inclusion and encourages the sharing of innovation.

The significance of this web-centric approach becomes apparent in a world where consumers are increasingly keen to enjoy the same online experience on a laptop or a mobile phone. Developers therefore have the challenge of creating online content that both functions and appears the same, regardless of which screen it is on.

Enabling consumers to create their own personal “social web” is crucial for Sony Ericsson: users now typically access many different social networks – often at the same time – and want to access applications that help them do this effectively.

The unique social network organisation tools available on the Xperia X10, Timescape and Mediascape are perfect examples; as signature Sony Ericsson applications that were developed to address the needs of users who have increasingly connected social lives.

Because the Xperia X10 is built on a platform that is regarded by many developers as highly customisable, we see it as particularly suited to the creation of applications that help end users organise and personalise their mobile content.

So why the focus on the web? Because Sony Ericsson sees a future in which the division between mobile and web development will become increasingly blurred.

This will prove to be a catalyst for new ways of thinking that have the potential to stimulate the development of a wider range of applications, content and enabling technologies for the mobile handset, all of which will ultimately deliver benefits to consumers.

[via Times Online]

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