Google: 60,000 Android Devices Shipped Daily



has been a pretty popular mobile OS for Google, and it’s been a hit with customers, developers and cell manufacturers, too. However, it’s hard to imagine that it’s this popular. Google CEO Eric Schmidt, giving a keynote at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, mentioned that Google and their OEM partners are shipping 60,000 Android phones a day.

Obviously, all those units aren’t Nexus Ones. In addition to the phone’s steep price, reports on the internet

say the phone is selling poorly. However, unlike the iPhone OS, there is a wide variety of phones shipping worldwide that carry the Android OS and some of them are pretty cheap, and appealing.

If you do the math, then by Eric Schmidt’s logic, you can expect 21.9 million Android phones to ship over the course of 365 days. While that may seem like a lot, it might not be. There were 8.7 iPhone sold in the last three months of 2009, which, would mean 34.8 million iPhones sold over the course of a year.

When comScore analyzed the smartphone OS marketshare earlier this year. They found that the iPhone OS made up 25%, while Android carried only 5.2%. You can expect this to change – though. Only one company sells and manufacturers devices that use the iPhone OS on a mobile phone. Multiple companies make Android phones and sell them at multiple price points.

Furthermore, a wave of “cheap” smartphones could be coming. We’ve seen Marvell and ST-Ericsson show off low-cost smartphone chipset platforms that are designed for Android. As you can imagine, these low-end handsets will only further expand Android’s marketshare.

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