Management Centralized by Citrix, Android Added with XenApp 6


Official reports have confirmed that Citrix Systems has introduced the version 6 of its XenApp, which is a platform for centralized application delivery that also features centralized management, in addition to complete access to Windows application from smartphones which are Android-based and computers from the house of Apple.

XenApp allowed users to gain access to the programs which run on a server, while applications can be streamed to the client. Also, it can be effectively used as an integrated part of XenDesktop, which is the company’s platform for “desktop virtualization“.

Added to the list of devices which are now compatible with Citrix’s Receiver client are smartphones which are equipped with the Android OS and Macs. All the details have been shared by Citrix Nordic’s Product Marketing Manager, Magnus Toft.

The Receiver client was introduced in May of 2009, and it utilizes carious plug-ins in order to effectively support different features like online and offline application usage, management of passwords, WAN accelerations, and more.

“This version is about trying to drive IT as more of an on-demand environment”, shared Alicia Rey, Director of Product Marketing.





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