Five Ways Google Android Phones Beat Apple iPhones


The app store deck is stacked heavily in the iPhone’s favor to the tune of 150,000 iPhone apps to Android’s 20,000 but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things Android has over the iPhone, especially  the fast and high resolution Nexus One. Here are some things we think Android has over the iPhone. Feel free to share your opinions and tell us about Android features and applications that make those smartphones look better than iPhones.

1. Better Twitter Apps

There is no shortage of Twitter apps for computers and smartphones but a recently launched version of Seesmic for Android and BlackBerry phones has been getting glowing reviews from everyone who tries it. It supports multiple accounts, has a built in spellchecker and a slick interface that makes it easy and fun to use. Other highly rated Twitter apps on Android you might want to check out are Twidroid Pro and Tweetcaster which have also received good reviews.

2. Great Google Apps like Google Voice and Google Maps
The competition has heated up between Apple and Google so we don’t expect to see a lot of support for Google apps on iPhones like these apps which look particularly great on the new Nexus One.

Google Navigation

Google Navigation is based on Google Maps and is free on Android phones. It offers turn by turn navigation and looks very good on the higher resolution screen and zippier processor of the Nexus One. Google Sky Map on the Nexus One is also very cool.

Google Voice

Even though it’s available on some Android phones by invitation only (Nexus One buyers get an account with their phone), it’s not available at all on iPhones. Not only can you save a lot of money on international calls but Google Voice offers many cool features like message transcriptions. Check out this one minute video:

More from Google Labs
We didn’t even mention Google Goggles that adds information about what the phone’s camera sees. We suspect we’ll see more cool stuff like language translators and other Android apps emerge from Google Labs.

3. Cool Home Screen Apps Like Slidescreen

No question, the iPhone OS is fun and doesn’t interfere with getting things done but you have to admit paging around all those apps can be a drag. With this very cool new Slidescreen app, you not only get a directory of apps but lots of very accessible info about everything going on with your phone.

4. Apps That Turn Your Phone into a WiFi Hot Spot
Yes, we know you can tether an iPhone to a 3G phone as long as you’re willing to jailbreak your iPhone but with apps like PdaNet you can use your 3G connection to get online for free (PdaNet also sells a version to access secure sites) via USB or Bluetooth. Here’s a video on how to set up PdaNet on the Motorola Droid:

5. Cool and Fun Apps
Yes, we love all the fun apps available on the iPhone and have written about many of them but that doesn’t mean we’re not impressed with some of the cool apps available for Android.


This augmented reality app from the Swedish company, Polar Rose uses their mobile face recognition library from FaceLib to turn your Nexus One into a Cyborg.


Ringoid is an app that lets you create your own ringtones from all kinds of sound files. It’s simple to use with a “record” button that lets you save recordings and turn them into ringtones.


[via Retrevo]



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